With a strong team background amounting to decades of expertise in the industry, Meralt is merely an extension of our knowledge of the local Malagasy landscape and expanded in the UK in 2018.

Our approach does not follow the traditional way of doing business through the exploitation of miners, acquisition of minerals at a very low price and disregarding their interests and the environment.

Instead, we promote the inclusive development of these small artisan communities, while providing value for our international community of clients and collectors. As part of our initiative, we strive to bring positive development in the social, economic and environmental context.

Our Mission

To promote and connect the artisan and small-scale mining industry in Madagascar, with the international market.

Our Values

Building trust with our stakeholders. Offering quality mineral specimens. Fostering a sense of community and favouring inclusive development.

Our Promise

To contribute 10% of our profits to empower local artisan and small-scale mining communities in Madagascar.